Children in Classrooms

Children are not permitted in classrooms as Hillsong College is set up as an adult learning environment and not suitable for children. One off occurrence requests will be considered for school-aged children upon submission to the campus Campus Dean. These type of requests will only be considered under special one off circumstances

International Admissions

International Students

 As an international training institution, the College is well equipped to provide for and international students.

The College has procedures in place that ensures compliance with the ESOS Act 2000.

Admissions Process
The admission of the international students is the responsibility of the Admissions Co-ordinator who also fulfils the responsibilities of the International Student Contact Officer.

  1. Enquiries
    Send out an enquiry pack about Hillsong in response to enquiries by phone or email. This includes the College Prospectus and Hillsong Church information.
    Forward academic enquiries of students to faculty members.
  2. Offer of Place
    Processing of applications.
    Send Offer of Place to successful applicants.
    Arrivals and Accommodation Guide
  3. Arrival
    The arrival of students to the College is facilitated by the Accommodation Team.
    Hills : A shuttle bus is organised to the Hills campus from the airport and new students are met by the Student Housing Co-ordinator and their student team. Students are taken from the College campus to their accommodation and are given practical assistance in the early stages of settling in (e.g. Visit to the supermarket for groceries) from the new student welcome team.
    City: Students catch a taxi from the airport or are encouraged to find suitable transportation from the airport to the College City campus.

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Under 18s

Under 18 Support

Hillsong College does not actively seek to recruit students under 18 years old. 18 is the minimum age requirement for students entering the course however the college is occasionally approached by individuals meeting all of the other entry requirements.

The College will accept domestic students in Australia who are 17 years of age upon a case by case basis. This is in recognition of the following;

  • Students have finished high school or equivalent within Austrlia
  • Such students are able to apply and enter other tertiary institutions at 17 years of age.


Financial Planning

The College is committed to equipping students to develop sound financial management as part of their leadership development. This is taught in the Certificate IV in Ministry course. Further financial planning support is provided via the pastoral care network and Hillsong College Finance Department can also provide additional advice on request.

In regards to College fees, the College provides students with the option of using payment plans that are tailored to meet the students’ specific circumstances and which allow regular instalments. These are created by the College Finance Department and are introduced in the enrolment process. During the period of enrolment, those who are experiencing difficulty in their financial commitments to the College are identified by the College Finance Department and administration staff.

Financial Standards

  1. There is proper documentation of the contractual and financial relationship between the students and the College. The College makes copies of this documentation available to the student.
  2. The College refund policy allows for return of monies for any agreed services not delivered including instances where the College defaults.
  3. The College protects fee-paying students from financial distress and exploitation

Student Records

Student records and management
Details of Student Record System

Comprehensive student files are maintained by the Registrar for all students during their time at College. Files are comprised of forms relating to the student’s participation at College (e.g. application form, pastoral reference, records of interviews and academic transcripts).

Student files are stored in both hard copy and computerised form.

Computer Files are stored on the CollegeWorx Student Portal database and relevant documents uploaded there. These are backed-up regularly by the Technology Services Department:

  • Each night, weekly and monthly
  • Offsite monthly (on the network server at the other campus)
  • Hard copy files are stored on location at Hillsong College Head office and non-current student files are archived at the College’s archive storage facility.

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Feedback on these Policies

Feedback is formally taken:

  • From students – on their classes at the end of each term
  • From students – on the College at the end of each term (primarily via the Head Students)
  • From students – on the Executive Team and Faculty at the end of each year.

This feedback is reviewed and changes implemented where required.

Clarity of Contracts

Clarity of Contracts

The College provides complete disclosure of the conditions of contracts entered into with the students upon entrance into Courses. This is provided via the College Prospectus, Acceptance Pack and Student Handbook when students are accepted by the College. Also clear details of course costs, standards of conduct, and program requirements are stated in the College prospectus prior to acceptance and enrolment.  This includes financial and ministry related obligations such as weekend ministry, small group involvement, and other College involvement.

Work Health and Safety

Section 6: Work Health and Safety

The leaders of Hillsong Church and College attempt at all times to provide a safe working environment for staff and students. There is still the need for the staff and students to be aware of their surroundings and generally take care when on the premises. Copies of the Work Health & Safety Act are available for review through the General Manager. Work Health and Safety areas are Incident Reports, Fire Alarms, and Fire Drills, Evacuating the Building, Lifting, Computers, and Outreaches.

Some moving of furniture will be required as a part of the day-to-day operation of the College. Chair trolleys are provided to assist with the removal of chairs.

Smoking of any substances is not permitted including vaping.

If an accident occurs on the College premises, the appropriate medical attention must be sought immediately. If needed, the number for the State Emergency Services (police, fire dept. or ambulance) is 000. Once the situation has been dealt with, an Incident Report form must be completed and given to the Principal.

Hazard Identification
If staff become aware of a potential hazard to the safety of staff or students, they should report it via the Hazard Report form.

Both campuses have a fire alarm system that is tested throughout the year. If under any circumstances the fire alarms are activated, students must leave the building through the main exits or fire doors. Exit signs are illuminated. Assemble in the designated Safe Area (Hills Campus Shopping Centre car park; City Campus car park across the road from the Campus). Refer the maps (Appendix 1) for exits. Twice a year students will be instructed in the evacuation procedures during mandatory fire drills.



Clarity of communication is essential between staff and students in order to facilitate smooth operations in the College. It is also necessary that written communication aligns to the spirit and ethos of Hillsong Church. To that end, the following applies:

External communications (e.g. Bulk emails to prospective and new students) must be checked by the Brand Manager prior to sending.

Internal communications to more than 20 people (e.g. Emails to students in a class, Emails to students in a campus) must be checked by your immediate supervisor and/or Principal.

Checks are made to ensure that appropriate language is used, including grammatical expression, technical issues, clarity and positive spirit. Continue reading “Communications”