Why reference?

At Hillsong College we put value on giving honour where honour is due. This is why we acknowledge the need to reference when someone else’s work is used to support our own.

How to reference?

While other institutions may use official and more formal referencing styles, Hillsong College uses a simplified version of referencing that is more reflective of ministry practice. Please follow the guidelines provided below in order to fulfil our referencing expectations.

Failure to do so could result in a Not Yet Competent grade as well as plagiarism (refer to Assessment and Academic misconduct under the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook).

Assessment expectations: Referencing and Language Level

Students are expected to clearly communicate their answers using proper basic referencing, grammar, and spelling skills:

  1. Basic referencing must include footnoting at the bottom of the page where sources have been used and a bibliography at the end of the assessment.

As a minimum, students must provide author, title, date (of publication or accessed) and page number (for footnotes only) or web address.

Example for a published book or article:

Bill Hybels, Simplify: ten practices to unclutter your soul. 2014, p.1.

Example for an online source:

Jad Gillies, Worship leading 101: 4 pillars of preparation. Accessed 08/01/2016.

Example for an online video:

Michael Bournes, Who broke Africa? Accessed 08/01/2016.

Example for a song:

Pharrell Williams, Happy. GIRL album. Accessed 08/01/2016.

  1. Basic grammar and spelling: your sentences must show at least basic skills in written English grammar and spelling.

Please refer to resources provided by our Student Support.

Recommendation for further studies

If you are planning on pursuing higher education in our Degree program we strongly recommend that you start using the full Turabian referencing style in your assessments.

More information on the Turabian style can be found by referring to:

Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th Edition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007.


Basic referencing and Turabian

Notice that our basic referencing is a simplified version of Turabian:

Published book or article

Basic Referencing;

Bill Hybels. Simplify: ten practices to unclutter your soul. 2014, p1


Hybels, B., Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul. Location: Tyndale. 2014, p.1.

Online source

Basic Referencing;

Jad Gillies. Worship leading 101: 4 pillars of preparation. Accessed 08/01/2016.


Gillies, Jad. “Worship Leading 101 4 Pillars of Preparation.” Hillsong Collected. January 5, 2016. Accessed January 08, 2016.

Online video

Basic Referencing;

Michael Bournes, Who broke Africa? Accessed 08/01/2016.


Bournes, Micah. “Micah Bournes – Who Broke Africa? (Live at The Justice Conference 2012).” YouTube. Accessed February 11, 2016.


Basic Referencing;

Pharrell Williams, Happy. GIRL album. Accessed 08/01/2016.


Pharrell Williams. GIRL. MP3, n.d.