Staff Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All staff members, trainers, lecturers, tutors and contracted workers are required to be familiar with and abide by the Code of Conduct as follows. Any breach will result in disciplinary action by the College leadership (Refer Corporate Policies: Redressing breaches).

1. College Mission
Staff members are required to help realise the vision of Hillsong Church and HC to ‘reach and influence the world by building a large Bible based church;’ and to work towards the mission objective of Hillsong Church and HC to ‘reach and influence the world by changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact every sphere of life.’

Staff members are required to model and communicate the philosophy of HC and faithfully represent Hillsong Church and the College and its leadership in all dealings both within and outside Church and College life.

2. Professional/Academic Activities
Staff members are required to sign a Staff or Trainer/Lecturer contract. Continue reading “Staff Code of Conduct”

Staff Induction Process

Staff Induction Process

All new staff are trained through the following process which aims to equip them with both the ethos and practical knowledge and tools that will enable them to make a successful contribution to the College. The Staff Induction Checklist provides greater detail. Each staff member signs this on completion as evidence that they have understood the requirements and systems of the College.

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