Staff Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All staff members, trainers, lecturers, tutors and contracted workers are required to be familiar with and abide by the Code of Conduct as follows. Any breach will result in disciplinary action by the College leadership (Refer Corporate Policies: Redressing breaches).

1. College Mission
Staff members are required to help realise the vision of Hillsong Church and HC to ‘reach and influence the world by building a large Bible based church;’ and to work towards the mission objective of Hillsong Church and HC to ‘reach and influence the world by changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact every sphere of life.’

Staff members are required to model and communicate the philosophy of HC and faithfully represent Hillsong Church and the College and its leadership in all dealings both within and outside Church and College life.

2. Professional/Academic Activities
Staff members are required to sign a Staff or Trainer/Lecturer contract.

Staff members are required to fulfil the requirements of their contract and/or job description including necessary College extracurricular activities (as stated) and be accountable to their immediate governing authority for their work.

Staff members are required to exercise their professional responsibilities at all times with an attitude of excellence, reliability, efficiency and punctuality.

Staff members are encouraged to use the appropriate College mechanisms for critical review of and suggestions for the College’s processes and policies, but in that process not to denigrate the College or Hillsong Church, its staff, teams, students and members.

Staff members are required to be familiar with and adhere to the College Code of Practice in all their interactions with other personnel and the student body. Staff members will be required to sign a statement that they have read and understood the Code of Practice.

Staff members are required to read the Staff Manual (where applicable), the Staff Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook to be aware of the expectations of staff and students.

All staff are required to continuously improve their professional skills and teaching qualifications. They should also be available for ongoing formal professional development as deemed necessary by the College leadership (E.g. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment) and events including Faculty Development Days, leadership training nights and other training as required.

The College considers the role of trainers and lecturers to be pivotal in the delivery of its courses and in the fulfilment of its mission. The trainer/lecturer is expected not only to be the vehicle for the delivery of subject content and fulfilment of academic criteria, but to be directly involved in the spiritual and ministry formation of the student through skilled leadership, nurturing relationships and exemplary behaviour.

Trainers/Lecturers are to deliver and assess their subjects so that all objectives outlined on the syllabi and the learning outcomes for each subject are achieved in line with the College’s scope of registration.

Trainers/Lecturers must adhere to the College calendar, timetables and deadlines in regard to lectures and the delivery and marking of assessment tasks.

Trainers/Lecturers are responsible to exercise the control and management of classes.

Trainers/Lecturers are to be responsible for the quality and content of their teaching. This includes promptness in coming to class, as well as excellence in the preparation and presentation of their material. Lecturers may exercise academic freedom within the boundaries of historical Evangelical / Pentecostal doctrine, and with due respect for all student’s growth in faith and character. Students should be encouraged to critically examine biblical truth and experience and to be aware of differing opinions, but needless controversy is to be avoided.

Trainers/Lecturers in all their dealings and teaching must show respect for and include, where appropriate, the Hillsong Church and AOG Denominational values and teachings, as expressed in the AOG Statement of Faith and the Hillsong Church Mission, Vision and Beliefs statements.

Trainers/Lecturers will not use their position to recruit new members or workers for their church or ministry.

3. Behavioural Standards
HC is a training facility for Christian leadership that operates strictly upon biblical principles. Therefore:

Staff shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that is befitting their position as a representative and in line with the spirit of the College. They must display exemplary Christian character and godliness in every part of their public life at College and their private life according to the biblical standards outlined in Scripture.

Staff will be subject to sanctions should they engage in any of the following; criminal behaviour; deliberate absenteeism; gross insubordination; theft; fraud or other dishonesty in connection with work; assault in any form, on any member of staff, customer or church member of any person on the premises; abusive or offensive language; brawling or skylarking at work; sexual harassment or other indecent behaviour; attending work or driving a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or non-medically required drugs; or consuming such substances on work premises or during work hours, any conduct endangering the safety of a member of staff or any member of the public; illicit sexual relations; or actively promoting a lifestyle that is inconsistent with the biblical principles upon which HC is based.

Staff must be open and willing to submit to disciplinary procedures as deemed necessary by the Executive.

4. Managing Students
All dealings with students will be done respectfully and fairly, and without consideration to their ability, gender, nationality, race, denominational background, educational background, socio-economic background, or physical or mental disability.

Staff are to maintain professional standards with the students at all times.

Staff are required to demonstrate an ongoing pastoral concern for students as individuals and to be available if necessary to input into the lives of the students in a way that reflects a belief in their inherent value and potential.

5. Relationships with Staff
Staff are to maintain an atmosphere of co-operative teamwork with other staff members. Colleagues should always be treated respectfully and without discrimination and their contribution valued.

Occasionally the College leadership may make suggestions for improvement in certain areas. An attitude of openness and willingness to learn is expected of staff in such cases.

Practice based on policy
It is the policy of HC to operate at all levels (both administrative and academic) according to AQF training standards, in line with relevant legislation and standards.  The policy and procedures manual is there to ensure that staff practice this ethos on a daily basis.  Consequently all staff (both academic and administrative) must have read and must work in line with these policies and procedures.  Failure to do so will result in an initial warning.  Should failure to abide by policy continue, a second warning will be given.  Failure to abide by policy after a second warning will end in cessation of employment with the college.

Annual Leave 

Refer to Post Secondary Education Award or as specified in their staff contract.

Sick Leave

Refer to Post Secondary Education Award or as specified in their staff contract.

Ministry Leave

Refer to Post Secondary Education Award or as specified in their staff contract.