Transfers with other Providers

Transfers to and From Other Providers

 The transfer of international students to and from HC is regulated by ESOS legislation and its corresponding National Code. The College’s policy on this issue falls under two headings:

Transfers to HC from Other Providers
The College will not actively recruit international students from other providers during their first six months of study. The College will not knowingly enrol an international student from another registered training provider prior to the student completing the first six months in their principal course of study with that provider. The only time the College will do this is if:

  • The current provider issues an official letter of release
  • The provider ceases to operate, loses its registration, or is under some government sanction.
  • A government sponsor believes it is in the student’s best interest, and has communicated this in writing.

In cases where an international student who has been studying elsewhere in Australia applies for enrolment, the Admissions officer will check on PRISMS if student has completed six months in principal course.

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Student Records

Student records and management
Details of Student Record System

Comprehensive student files are maintained by the Registrar for all students during their time at College. Files are comprised of forms relating to the student’s participation at College (e.g. application form, pastoral reference, records of interviews and academic transcripts).

Student files are stored in both hard copy and computerised form.

Computer Files are stored on the CollegeWorx Student Portal database and relevant documents uploaded there. These are backed-up regularly by the Technology Services Department:

  • Each night, weekly and monthly
  • Offsite monthly (on the network server at the other campus)
  • Hard copy files are stored on location at Hillsong College Head office and non-current student files are archived at the College’s archive storage facility.

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Clarity of Contracts

Clarity of Contracts

The College provides complete disclosure of the conditions of contracts entered into with the students upon entrance into Courses. This is provided via the College Prospectus, Acceptance Pack and Student Handbook when students are accepted by the College. Also clear details of course costs, standards of conduct, and program requirements are stated in the College prospectus prior to acceptance and enrolment.  This includes financial and ministry related obligations such as weekend ministry, small group involvement, and other College involvement.