Student Records

Student records and management
Details of Student Record System

Comprehensive student files are maintained by the Registrar for all students during their time at College. Files are comprised of forms relating to the student’s participation at College (e.g. application form, pastoral reference, records of interviews and academic transcripts).

Student files are stored as both hard copies and in computerised form.

Computer Files are stored on an Access database that lists all personal data, academic results and enrolments. These are backed-up regularly by the Technology Services Department:

  • Each night, weekly and monthly
  • Offsite monthly (on the network server at the other campus)

Missed Class Forms
When a class has not been recorded in attendance a Missed Class Form will be generated for each class missed on the Student’s Portal. Each form will need to be submitted online ticking the relevant field of Incorrect Attendance Recorded or Explained Absence and the evidence attached.

Incorrect Attendance Recorded
The student fills out the online form by ticking the Incorrect Attendance box and uploading the evidence that they were in class (evidence examples – notes from class).

Explained Absence
The student fills out the online form by ticking the Explained Absence box and uploads the evidence or reason why they were not in class (examples – Medical Certificate for over 2 consecutive days sick, simple explanation for a day sick or other reasons). An explained absence will not alter attendance data.
Trainers will approve Missed Class Forms for classes they teach.

Handling of Interstate Campus Files
Information collected through the duration of study will be collated into the Student Campus File onsite. At the end of each semester, completed student’s files will be sent to Sydney via HMA consignment protocol, to be archived with the Student Admissions Files for the interstate campus.

The Campus Manager will create a Student Campus File on site to collate pastoral care information, medical certificates, passports and any other relevant documentation pertaining to the student’s information/enrolment.

All Student Campus Files are to be stored in a secured & accessible location onsite to adhere to privacy requirements.

Admissions Dept will create a Student Admission File in the Sydney Head Office. These files will be transferred to the Registrar Team once enrolment has commenced.

At the completion of the student’s studies the Student Campus File will be sent to the College Registrar in Sydney to be combined with the Student Admissions Files ready for archiving.

The Campus Manager will send these Student Campus Files via the HMA office using an account code obtained from the College Financial Manager.

Access to Student Records

Access to these files remain confidential and are accessible by defined personnel according to College procedures and privacy legislation. The only people who have access, on a need to know basis, to student files are:

  • Executive Vice President
  • Principal
  • Academic Dean
  • College Counsellors
  • Registrar
  • Administration staff

Students may give written consent for someone other than the staff listed above to have access to their files.

Students need to complete the Request Access to Student File form if they wish to access their file. The form is completed and returned to the College. An appointment time is then be made with the student to view the file with a member of staff.

Archiving Policy

All student results (computer version) are stored for a period of 30 years. Student paper files are stored for a minimum of seven (7) years. They are stored in the office for one year following their exit from the College. For the following two years they are stored in the archive room.