Student Code of Conduct

One of the College’s most important goals is to facilitate the growth and development of Christian character in line with biblical principles. The College also seeks to build a safe and healthy community that supports and fosters the well-being and growth of each student. Furthermore, the College is a member of its local community and connected to the world at large, seeking to reflect the love and character of God and enact the commission of his church. It is expected, therefore, that College students live in such a manner that brings glory to Christ in their behaviour and attitudes both inside and outside College settings.

Since students are also being trained for Christian ministry, and are engaged in ministry as part of their course, it is expected that they will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the moral, ethical and behavioural standards expected of Christian leaders and ministers, and the churches in which they are ministering and being trained. With these issues in mind, the College expects students to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the moral and ethical standards generally required of ministers in like-minded churches, and by Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God in Australia) in particular, the denomination with which Hillsong is affiliated within Australia.

The College also operates as an accredited educational institution that conducts its training and assessment in line with generally accepted standards of academic quality and integrity. Students are expected to engage in their studies in line with these standards.

Therefore each student is expected to:

  • Adopt attitudes (such as generosity, love, humility, forgiveness, fair-mindedness and inclusivity) and behaviour (such as confidentiality, peacemaking, positivity and encouragement) that promote the unity and health of the College body.
  • Show respect and consideration for other members of the student body and their property.
  • Show respect for staff and faculty and co-operate with the aims, witness, culture and endeavours of the College and Hillsong Church. This includes not engaging in advocacy for positions or causes contrary to those held by the College or Hillsong Church.
  • Attend all prescribed College classes, ministry sessions and activities required by the College program unless formally excused (on a compassionate basis).
  • Engage in honest academic practices as outlined in the Academic Misconduct policy (see Academic Policies and Procedures).
  • Be neat, clean and modestly dressed.
  • Abstain from biblically immoral practices including: drunkenness, illicit drug use, criminal behaviour, stealing, slanderous or profane language, dishonesty, occult practices, sexual sins or any other behaviour that is considered detrimental or contrary to Christian character and witness.
  • Refrain from bringing firearms into Hillsong Church and College facilities and accommodation.
  • Abstain from alcohol and smoking (including vaping) for the duration of studies at College (This applies to all college breaks, including those between finishing one course and commencing another.)
  • Follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook.

Like Christian churches throughout history and across the globe, both Hillsong College and Hillsong Church affirm the biblical understanding of sexuality as a gift from God, expressed through purity in singleness and faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman. Students are expected to adopt practices and viewpoints that reflect this understanding. (See Hillsong Collected for a statement on these matters).

The College will provide the framework and support needed to facilitate personal growth. If students find that they are genuinely struggling with personal, pastoral, or academic issues we advise they speak to College staff for counsel, support and, where needed, correction to the situation. Behaviour that fails to comply with the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action (see Student Behaviour and Course Progress Policy). Any behaviour that compromises the welfare of other students will result in immediate termination of enrolment.

Since it reflects the standards expected by churches of those in ministry, behaving and ministering consistently with the Student Code of Conduct is also a requirement for several assessments across the College’s courses. Breaching this Code will result in a student being judged as Not Yet Competent for the relevant subjects/ units/assessments. A student will subsequently need to provide verifiable evidence of meeting the requirements of the Code of Conduct for a reasonable period in order to achieve Competence.

Children in Classrooms

Children are not permitted in classrooms as Hillsong College is set up as an adult learning environment and not suitable for children. One off occurrence requests will be considered for school-aged children upon submission to the campus Campus Dean. These type of requests will only be considered under special one off circumstances