Practicum Attendance

Weekly Practicum attendance is tracked via your passport which is signed by your Specialist on a weekly basis.

Hills and City Students: Conference Intensive attendance is recorded via a timesheet which is available through the Subject Syllabus and uploaded to the Student Portal when completed. Conference attendance is outlined in the Subject Syllabus. Students need to consider both normal class attendance and Practicum attendance as the contributing element to their attendance requirements.

Changing Churches, Campuses or Ministries

If the need arises for a student to change church campuses or ministries, it is first to be discussed with their Core Tutorial Leader in conjunction with the Workplace Training Coordinator to obtain approval. Students are asked not to change churches, campuses, or ministries until approval has been given. Please note that if a student changes campuses, consent from the Registrar is also required.

Any student that is recorded absent from classes during a week of study will be followed up by their tutorial leader in their weekly tutorial. The student will be required to provide an explanation of their absence, and agree to modify behaviour as necessary to meet the College’s attendance expectations. The tutorial leader will make the appropriate comments on the student’s CollegeWorx record.

Any student who consistently misses classes, and who fails to take the appropriate steps to bring their attendance into line with the College’s expectations, will be placed on a Behavioural Intervention program, as per the College’s Student Behaviour Policy.

If the student does not comply with the requirements of this program, termination may result (ref: Termination of Enrolment Policy). For international students studying in Australia, this will include reporting to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) via PRISMS by the Registrar. Students will be notified in writing by the Registrar prior to this occurring.

In addition, as part of their enrolment into College courses and training for ministry, students are required to fulfil the expectations of leadership in their local church. For students who attend Hillsong as their local church, this includes attendance at Heart and Soul Evening, and Hillsong Men or Sisterhood.

Weekend Service Ministry Training

As students are in training for church ministry and leadership, and since weekend services are a focal point of church life, attendance and ministry in weekend church services are a central part of the College curriculum. These form an integral part of the Leadership subjects at all levels.

If you are new to Sydney or Phoenix, you are expected to make Hillsong Church your home church. For those who attend Hillsong Church whilst a student at College, there are three criteria you need to fulfil to meet your course requirements in this area.

Criteria 1 – Be present in services from two Weekend Options each weekend.

At Hillsong Church, our weekend services are grouped into three broad Weekend Service Options – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, and Sunday Night. There are multiple service options available, please check the website for service time updates.

To meet this criterion you must be present (serving or attending) for at least one service from at least two Weekend Service Options.

Criteria 2 – Serve in two individual Weekend Services each weekend.

Whilst fulfilling the first criteria, you also need to serve in two individual services over the weekend. Serving in a leadership role with Youth on a Friday or Wednesday night is acceptable. Weekend services are found on the church website.

Hills services times can be found at:

City service times can be found at:

Phoenix services times can be found at:

Criteria 3 – Be present during the worship and preaching in one Service each weekend.

In fulfilling the first two criteria, you need to attend one of the weekend services, engaging in worship and receiving the sermon.

If you already attend a local church in the Sydney or Phoenix Metropolitan area we would encourage you to remain and become actively involved in that church. The same guidelines outlined above will apply. You will need to show evidence of your weekend service involvement. However, in the event that your local church has only one weekend service, you will be required to participate in that service and show evidence that you have served an additional 1½ hours per week either with your own local church. Please note that there may be times throughout the College calendar that you will be required to be at Hillsong Church (for College related activities).