Marketing of Education & Training Services

  1. The College markets its courses with integrity and accuracy; avoiding vague, misleading and ambiguous clauses.
  2. In the provision of information, no false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other educational institution or course.
  3. The College markets its courses in accordance with the principles and requirements of the accrediting or endorsing bodies relevant to each course.
  4. The College markets its courses to international students according to the education, cultural and regulatory systems of countries in which they seek to market, and will not detract from the reputation and interests of other Australian institutions.
  5. The College gains written permission from students before using any personal information in marketing materials.

Marketing and Advertising

All forms of advertising and marketing are designed in line with the spirit and vision of Hillsong Church and accurately present the College and its courses.

The Marketing Approval form is used as a checklist to ensure compliance with SNR standards, CRICOS requirements and consistency in design and communication of College goals and ethos.

All new marketing materials are to be co-signed by the Brand Manager and another member of the College Executive Team.