Work Health and Safety

Section 6: Work Health and Safety

The leaders of Hillsong Church and College attempt at all times to provide a safe working environment for staff and students. There is still the need for the staff and students to be aware of their surroundings and generally take care when on the premises. Copies of the Work Health & Safety Act are available for review through the General Manager. Work Health and Safety areas are Incident Reports, Fire Alarms, and Fire Drills, Evacuating the Building, Lifting, Computers, and Outreaches.

Some moving of furniture will be required as a part of the day-to-day operation of the College. Chair trolleys are provided to assist with the removal of chairs.

Smoking of any substances is not permitted including vaping.

If an accident occurs on the College premises, the appropriate medical attention must be sought immediately. If needed, the number for the State Emergency Services (police, fire dept. or ambulance) is 000. Once the situation has been dealt with, an Incident Report form must be completed and given to the Principal.

Hazard Identification
If staff become aware of a potential hazard to the safety of staff or students, they should report it via the Hazard Report form.

Both campuses have a fire alarm system that is tested throughout the year. If under any circumstances the fire alarms are activated, students must leave the building through the main exits or fire doors. Exit signs are illuminated. Assemble in the designated Safe Area (Hills Campus Shopping Centre car park; City Campus car park across the road from the Campus). Refer the maps (Appendix 1) for exits. Twice a year students will be instructed in the evacuation procedures during mandatory fire drills.