Clarity of communication is essential between staff and students in order to facilitate smooth operations in the College. It is also necessary that written communication aligns to the spirit and ethos of Hillsong Church. To that end, the following applies:

External communications (e.g. Bulk emails to prospective and new students) must be checked by the Brand Manager prior to sending.

Internal communications to more than 20 people (e.g. Emails to students in a class, Emails to students in a campus) must be checked by your immediate supervisor and/or Principal.

Checks are made to ensure that appropriate language is used, including grammatical expression, technical issues, clarity and positive spirit.

Provision of Information

The College supplies accurate and current information to students and prospective students on all relevant matters. This will include, but not be limited to, detailed and realistic estimates of costs of tuition, accommodation and living expenses; course and entry requirements (including attendance, academic and ministry matters and standards of conduct), language requirements, status and outcomes of academic programs including bridging courses, recognition given to qualification(s) offered; withdrawal arrangements; refund entitlements; details of facilities and equipment; living conditions and staffing, visa conditions for international students, accommodation availability on and off campus; internal and external appeals procedures and non academic student support services.

The College reviews regularly all information provided to students to ensure its accuracy and relevance.