Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We have as a central function of our core business a continuous improvement procedure and tools that provide the structure for our strategy for continuous improvement. This procedure uses the following steps:

Information about our operations and functions are gathered through a range of available sources including:

  • Internal and external audits (as required)
  • Students – once per semester, subject or course – via on-line survey forms accessed through Collegeworx
  • Students – at the end of course using Quality Indicator Surveys.
  • Students – through ongoing focus groups chaired by key training and administration staff, as well as feedback through tutorials, workshops and informal conversations.
  • Students – Complaints, Appeals & Grievances
  • Course Development Team – validation processes, during training manual development process, and then once for each subject / unit over the five year registration.
  • Course Development Team – analysis of student assessment results (as relevant) each semester, and feedback from assessors and trainers.
  • Staff, Trainer, Assessor & trainee meetings
  • Industry – during the initial development of training and assessment material and then periodically thereafter.
  • Staff – Performance Review Form
  • Informal discussions
  • External experts & attendance at seminars, information days etc.
  • Any other method/source.

Once this data is gathered and analysed, suggestions for improvement are made at the appropriate management forum, depending on the nature and scope of the improvement, including:

  • College Executive Team meetings (fortnightly) – chaired by Executive Vice President.
  • Key Team Meetings (weekly) – chaired by Principal.
  • Operations Team meetings (weekly) – chaired by Training Quality and Systems Manager.
  • Trainers Meetings (weekly) – chaired by Head Trainers.
  • Training and Assessment Development project meetings (each semester) – chaired by Course Development Manager.
  • Administration – Business Manager

Discussion, decisions and allocation of responsibility, resources and priorities for the improvement project are recorded in the relevant meeting minutes. Progress, follow through and evaluation of the improvement are monitored in the relevant meeting.

Feedback Flowchart

Continuous Improvement Flowchart