International Admissions

International Students

 As an international training institution, the College is well equipped to provide for and international students.

The College has procedures in place that ensures compliance with the ESOS Act 2000.

Admissions Process
The admission of the international students is the responsibility of the Admissions Co-ordinator who also fulfils the responsibilities of the International Student Contact Officer.

  1. Enquiries
    Send out an enquiry pack about Hillsong in response to enquiries by phone or email. This includes the College Prospectus and Hillsong Church information.
    Forward academic enquiries of students to faculty members.
  2. Offer of Place
    Processing of applications.
    Send Offer of Place to successful applicants.
    Arrivals and Accommodation Guide
  3. Arrival
    The arrival of students to the College is facilitated by the Accommodation Team.
    Hills : A shuttle bus is organised to the Hills campus from the airport and new students are met by the Student Housing Co-ordinator and their student team. Students are taken from the College campus to their accommodation and are given practical assistance in the early stages of settling in (e.g. Visit to the supermarket for groceries) from the new student welcome team.
    City: Students catch a taxi from the airport or are encouraged to find suitable transportation from the airport to the College City campus.

Students receive a welcome pack during Orientation specific to their campus area. This includes:

  • Information booklets on local events and amenities in Sydney (NSW Tourist Authority, Local Council, Public Transport Authority).
  • Hillsong Church information including Church update, ministry department information (Youth, Pastoral Care, Small Groups, Creative)

Offer of Place includes:

  • Offer of Place Letter/Written Agreement
  • Fee Payment Options


  • About the College, Visa preparation, Refund agreement, helpful information (e.g. living in Australia, computer access, Childcare etc) and contact details.

Plus (Feb intake):

  • Orientation information
  • Timetable
  • Student Handbook
  • Assessment Guide
  • Visa application information
  • Letter introducing church ministry departments (including Worship and Creative Arts, Youth)

Health Fund – Overseas Health Cover
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a student visa requirement for international students. The student can choose whether they would like us to organise the policy for them or if they would like to organise their own policies.

Student Visas
The following visa applies to the Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Ministry courses: Vocational Education & Training Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 572). Students may only apply for a visa once a Certificate of Enrolment has been issued. Students are responsible for the costs of the visa.

Students must observe the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requirements relating to their ability to meet their cost of study and living expenses. Students should refer to the website

Students must not assume that they will readily find work in Australia and they should also be mindful of the fact that there are work restrictions on their student visas which only permit a student to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Satisfactory Attendance:  As an International Student, students are required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to maintain satisfactory attendance as set by their education provider.  It is Hillsong College’s policy that student’s attend all classes that they are enrolled in.   If student’s fail to maintain their attendance as required, they will be suspended and reported to DIBP, which will affect their student visa.  It is a student’s responsibility to record their attendance by scanning their Student ID card at the available electronic scanners before every class. For further details regarding attendance requirements, please see Attendance.

Satisfactory Academic Performance: Students are required to successfully progress through their course (Refer to Course Progress Policy)

If students do not meet both of these requirements they will be suspended from classes and will be reported to DIBP.

Student’s must also notify the College within 7 days of change of contact details. This is a requirement set by DIBP and failure to do so is in breach of your visa conditions.

Pastoral Care
The College will endeavour to assist all overseas students with their adjustments to Australian culture. A number of processes have been established to facilitate this.

A Head Student will be chosen to develop and equip a core team of students to assist all of the international students in the following phases. This will be a year-long process. Areas of responsibility include:

Overall coordination of all overseas student affairs – act as a point of contact for overseas students throughout the year. Help them to address the practical problems and issues that may arise.

Plan social events for international students once every term.

Liaise with college staff on a regular basis

Build relationships with new students

In addition, all full time staff must be involved in in-services regarding cultural differences, teaching styles and assessment as they occur.