Student Admissions

Student Admissions
Applications for study at the College are processed promptly by the admissions staff with the highest degree of customer service. Applications are not accepted more than one year in advance due to the likelihood of changes in course/fees.

Meeting Entry Requirements
Requirements for entry are clearly outlined in the College marketing material. Prospective students provide full information upon application which includes personal details, Christian life details, educational qualifications (including Year 12 results for Bachelor level students and evidence of satisfactory Academic IELTS score, or similar evidence showing capabilities in the English language for international students of whom English is not their first language), character references (including a Pastoral Reference Form), work history during the last five years, criminal history, medical details including learning difficulties and financial declarations.

This information is then used to complete an Application Checklist by the Admissions Team to ascertain the suitability of the applicant and to detect any potential disabilities or difficulties that may affect their studies. The Pastoral Reference Form is particularly important in this process.

If disabilities or difficulties are identified, the applicant is referred to an interview with a member of the College faculty. The purpose of the interview is to ascertain whether such disabilities or difficulties may be prohibitive in allowing the student to complete the proposed course of studies successfully. In such cases, the non-acceptance of the student into the particular course of studies is by mutual agreement with the student, because of their likely inability to complete the course of studies.

In all other cases, students are notified by email as to the success of the application and notified of the next step in the enrolment process with the Offer of Place letter. Where an application is not successful, the applicant is contacted directly by the admissions team.

Applicants are then required to sign a form agreeing to College policy relating to behavioural standards and expectations as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Successful applicants are then required to sign a copy of their Offer of Place Letter (containing the Written Agreement and Refund Policy) and confirm the offer with the initial fee payment as detailed in the offer.

Verifying Credentials
Certified copies of High School transcripts are required for citing as evidence of the appropriate Year 12 level achievement or other equivalent qualifications. Copies of the transcripts are kept by the College for its records. Statutory certified copies of the transcripts are acceptable and such copies will be kept by the College for its records.