Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Where the course does not run, the tuition fees will be refunded in full, in line with the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and the ESOS Regulations 2001.

Where a stream does not run, students have the opportunity to transfer to another stream, or withdraw and request a refund of course fees that have been paid.

Where the student withdraws prior to the course commencement, the course fees will be refunded in full.

Where the student withdraws after the commencement of the course, course fees for current term/semester and incidental fees will not be refunded. Fees for subsequent terms/semesters will be fully refundable.

Students are required to apply in writing for fee refunds.

All applications for refunds will be processed in 28 days from the day of application.

The Australian Government has implemented legislation to protect and assist students in the unlikely event that the College ceases operations and is unable to deliver its courses. Continue reading “Refund Policy”

Fees Policy

Fee Payments

It is essential that students uphold their financial responsibilities during their time at College. The following applies to all students:

Students are responsible to ensure that all fees are paid promptly.

Students will not be permitted to enrol until their semester fees have been paid or a payment plan has been setup.

Students wanting to extend their studies will not be permitted to do so if they have not paid their current semester’s fees or any arrears in rent.

Fees can be paid by cheque, credit card, debit card or BPAY. Payment by cash is not available.

Fees are to be paid in accordance with the available Payment Options (for Domestic or International Students)

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Privacy and Confidentiality


A comprehensive copy of Hillsong Church’s privacy policy is available for perusal on the Hillsong Church website at: Privacy Policy

The policy statements are to be used on all Hillsong College communication devices according to the following scenarios:

Option 1:
When you are asking people for personal information, such as name, phone number, email address i.e. Conference Registration form…

Text to be included:
Our privacy policy is available at – we may utilise your information to notify you of news at Hillsong and provide it to third parties who help us provide services to you. To request access to your information, email Continue reading “Privacy and Confidentiality”

Document Version Control

All documents relating to College matters will be continually revised and updated in accord with our Continuous Improvement policy. These include documents such as the Policy and Procedures Manual, Student Handbook, Trainers/Lecturers handbook, Course Documents, learning and assessment materials and various procedural forms. The latest versions of these documents will be the appropriate ones to use and will supersede previous versions.

In order to maintain appropriate use of the latest version throughout the systems of the College, the following applies:

Documents such as memos, letters, directives, etc are all to be dated.

For documents obtained externally (e.g. Training packages) the version control used by the publisher applies.

A version number is clearly identified on all documents, with the organisational standard being vYYMMDD

Changes to documents requires authorisation by the appropriate member of the Executive Team.

Changes to documents will be communicated clearly in writing to Staff, trainers and marketing students as appropriate. The nature of the revision and the new document version number will be clearly stated along with the directive that any previous versions of the document are invalid and should not be used.

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Quality Statement, Objectives and Management System

Quality Statement
Hillsong College aims to ensure quality training for all its clients. Our quality system begins with our vision and mission statements, and policies and procedures are outlined in this manual.

Management System
Hillsong College acts in accordance with the National Vocational Educator and Training Regulator (NVR) standards for registered training organisations (AQF) and the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (SNR) replace the former AQTF standards and guide nationally consistent, high-quality training and assessments in VET education.