Privacy and Confidentiality


A comprehensive copy of Hillsong Church’s privacy policy is available for perusal on the Hillsong Church website at: Privacy Policy

The policy statements are to be used on all Hillsong College communication devices according to the following scenarios:

Option 1:
When you are asking people for personal information, such as name, phone number, email address i.e. Conference Registration form…

Text to be included:
Our privacy policy is available at – we may utilise your information to notify you of news at Hillsong and provide it to third parties who help us provide services to you. To request access to your information, email

Option 2:
When you are NOT asking people for personal information, but when you are using information we know about them to deliver the device. i.e. An addressed letter or an email.

Text to be included:
If you don’t want to receive material of this kind from Hillsong, please phone (02) 8853 5353, or email

Option 3:
When your device neither asks for personal information, nor uses it to deliver. E.g. Postcard advertising Hillsong Women or the church invite cards.

Text to be included:
NONE – except you must make sure that you include the following three items:
Either the church logo, or the words ‘Hillsong Church’
The church phone number (02) 8853 5353 – NB: one phone number for both worship centres.
The website:

Queries should be directed to:

Use of Church Database

Refer to Privacy Policy (Section 17).

Use of Student Contact Details
In line with the College privacy policy, lists of student names and contact details required for training purposes in the church environment (internal use only) cannot be distributed without prior completion of the Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement .

Use of Marketing Material
Hillsong College will obtain prior written permission from any person or organisation for use of any marketing or advertising material which refers to that person or organisation, and will abide by any conditions of that permission.