Fees Policy

Fee Payments

It is essential that students uphold their financial responsibilities during their time at College. The following applies to all students:

Students are responsible to ensure that all fees are paid promptly.

Students will not be permitted to enrol until their semester fees have been paid or a payment plan has been setup.

Students wanting to extend their studies will not be permitted to do so if they have not paid their current semester’s fees or any arrears in rent.

Fees can be paid by cheque, credit card, debit card or BPAY. Payment by cash is not available.

Fees are to be paid in accordance with the available Payment Options (for Domestic or International Students)

Payment Options

There are two payment options available. These apply to both new students and current (returning) students:

Australian and New Zealand Students (Domestic)

Pay Tuition Fees for their first semester after accepting their Offer of Place Letter. Once the Offer of Place Letter is accepted, signed and returned, the student may then pay their semester fees to enroll.

Pay course fees for their second semester, plus incidental costs 2 weeks prior to the commencement of that semester.

Failure to pay by enrolment day will attract an administration fee based on 10% of the semester fees.

Note: Australian students enrolled in the College courses may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Federal Government (Austudy). It is the students’ responsibility to pursue this and this does not apply to all students.

International Students

International students must sign and accept the Offer of Place Letter. Once this Offer of Place letter has been signed and returned to College via the student portal, the student can then pay the course fees for their current semester plus incidental costs and Overseas Student Health Cover, in order to recieve the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for their student visa application.

Pay course fees for their second semester, plus incidental costs 2 weeks prior to the commencement of that semester.

Failure to pay by enrolment day will attract an administration fee based on 10% of the semester fees.

Fee Schedule

All fees referred to in all College publications and on the website are indicative rates and may be subject to change. Fees are generally reviewed at the commencement of each calendar year. Students opting to continue with additional year/s of studies will be subject to the most recent fees applicable for the subsequent years. Subsequent years’ fees will not be based on the rates applicable at the time of application.

For a current list of fees, refer to the Fees Schedule

Fee Increases

Fee increases will be effective no later than 90 days prior to Enrolment. Any Fee increases published after this 90 day period will be implemented for the subsequent semester’s fee schedule.

Student’s who have been accepted for an intake (including those who have paid their first semester’s fees) will be required to pay the increase. Fee increases will mostly reflect the standard CPI increase.

Fee Protection

Students are not required to prepay fees but pay the fees for their current semester.

Course fees are due 2 weeks prior to the semester and our refund policy covers students who withdraw prior to the semester.

In the event that the course ceases running, fees will be refunded in full.

* Hillsong College hold fee protection as per schedule 6 of the NVR Standards.

Fee Monitoring

At the conclusion of each calendar month, the Business Manager will review the student fee situation and compile a list of students with overdue tuition fees and rental arrears.

The list of students with outstanding fees is then to be forwarded to the Vice Principal’s who are to follow up the situation in conjunction with the tutorial leaders and students.

Where the student is in arrears with their fees and or rent, the student will be suspended until a satisfactory plan is put in place.

If the student is unable to pay or refuses to pay all outstanding fees, the student will be asked to leave College.

If an International student is on suspension, then he/she runs the risk of not meeting visa requirements and this will have to be reported to the Department of Immigration Border Protection (DIBP) and could potentially jeopardise their visa

The Registrar is to be advised of all students who have been asked to leave College.

The Administration Dept will process all relevant withdrawal paperwork including reversal/write off of unpaid fees and reporting cessation of studies on PRISMS, as necessary.