Document Version Control

All documents relating to College matters will be continually revised and updated in accord with our Continuous Improvement policy. These include documents such as the Policy and Procedures Manual, Student Handbook, Trainers/Lecturers handbook, Course Documents, learning and assessment materials and various procedural forms. The latest versions of these documents will be the appropriate ones to use and will supersede previous versions.

In order to maintain appropriate use of the latest version throughout the systems of the College, the following applies:

Documents such as memos, letters, directives, etc are all to be dated.

For documents obtained externally (e.g. Training packages) the version control used by the publisher applies.

A version number is clearly identified on all documents, with the organisational standard being vYYMMDD

Changes to documents requires authorisation by the appropriate member of the Executive Team.

Changes to documents will be communicated clearly in writing to Staff, trainers and marketing students as appropriate. The nature of the revision and the new document version number will be clearly stated along with the directive that any previous versions of the document are invalid and should not be used.

Document Coding System and Register

The College has adopted a coding system for the release of Document Revisions. All documents will be coded with the date (in reverse). This acts as the version number, with the most recent date being the correct version to use. E.g. v060305 was last revised on March, 5, 2006. The version number will be clearly printed on the footer of the document.

All procedural forms are connected to the Policy and Procedures Manual. The store of forms on the X drive acts as the document register.

The Academic Dean will be responsible to maintain a record of all codes for amendments and re-issued documents.