Student Portal

The Student Portal is our primary method of communication with you. In it you can find out all information regarding your involvement in College. These include but are not limited to following:

  • student timetable,
  • assessment/subject results,
  • record of all financial statements,
  • access to the library, and
  • many standard request forms for you as the student.

It is integral to familiarise yourself with the information contained in the Student Portal and also how to navigate through it.

How to use the Student Portal

In order to use the Portal for the first time, access it by using either of the addresses below:

Once there, simply type in your email address, and enter your Portal password. If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Email Password’ button and a temporary password will be sent to the designated address.

Once logged into the Portal, all navigating options are listed in the tool bar on the left hand side. Highlight the Students option in the toolbar on the left of the screen, and your choices will appear (following are some of those choices available): Accommodation Plans, Assessment Upload, Calendar, Contact Details, Conference Intensives, Course Fee Payment, General Information, Graduation Status, Invoices, Library, Notice Board, Results, Time Table.  

Assessment Upload

The majority of your assessments will be submitted through the Portal, so it is imperative that you know how the process works. Again, start from the Students option on the toolbar, and click on Assessment Upload. You will be given a list of current assessments, BE SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT ASSESSMENT! Once selected, you can browse and attach the relevant file and click ‘Upload’.

Please be sure to remember that once an assessment is uploaded, uploading a new assessment will replace the previous assessment and there will be no longer be a record of it in the portal. It is your responsibility to maintain proper records of all assessments submitted. We recommend that you keep a copy on your computer and on a USB stick or other data storage device.

Contact Details

This option of the Student menu allows you to make changes to your personal contact information when necessary, (e.g. moving house, new mobile number, etc). Please be sure that your details on the Portal are accurate.

NB: It is a requirement for ALL students on a Student Visa to report any change in contact details to the College within 7 days.

General Information

Most forms that may be necessary throughout semester are located on the Portal for your convenience under ‘General Information’. Forms such as a request for Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or Complaints and Appeals forms are available for you here.


After enrolment, your personal timetable will appear in the ‘Timetable’ option of the toolbar. You will be able to view your own subjects, along with the semester timetable of those subjects. You will also see a list containing the time and date of any classes missed. You will need to speak to your tutorial leader to rectify these absences.


All rent and fee payments may be tracked through the ‘Invoices’ option. It shows the invoice number, date of payment and any outstanding fees or rent. Please be sure to monitor your own payment schedule.


This option enables you to view class notes, power point slides from lecture, and your results from assessments. Select the appropriate Semester and Subject to view this information.

Once a subject is selected, you can view whether your assessments are Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC). To view the details and also any comments made by the person marking the assessment select the following:

  1. Select the subject the assessment is under. Click on the Result Sheet for the assessment.
  2. A pdf file will open which clarifies the assessment criteria with a C or an NYC next to each criteria, and then also provides space for comments from the person marking. 
  3. It is important to read through the entire Subject Assessment Detail to determine what portion of your assessment may need to be rectified. If you have any questions about your assessments, or any portions of your assessment, which are not yet competent, please see your tutorial leader.

Challenges with the Portal

If you have any queries or challenges logging onto the Portal, please email your full name, password, and a short description of the problem (and a screen shot where possible) to , and one of the team can assist you further.

Password Changes

Once you have logged in, you can change your password to something you will remember easily. To do this click on the ‘Security’ menu button, then select ‘Change Password’ and follow the prompts.

Calendars and Timetables

All calendars and timetables can be found on the Student Portal. Carefully check the appropriate calendar for your academic program.