Student Behaviour

Students are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct, the College’s Attendance and Academic policies, and the guidelines contained in the Student Handbook, during the period of their enrolment at College.

In cases where a student consistently or seriously fails to abide by these behavioural standards, a Behavioural Intervention program will be implemented. This program and its duration will be developed by the student’s tutorial leader, in consultation with the Campus Manager, and a member of the Student Support Office. The program will include one or more of the following, and will be implemented with the student by their tutorial leader:

  • Advising on the appropriateness of their study at the College or in their chosen course
  • Referral to and attendance at counselling sessions with a member of College staff, appropriate church department or a professional counsellor
  • Accountable adherence to the College’s published behavioural requirements
  • Attendance at additional personal development programs (such as Hillsong Life Courses)
  • Establishing appropriate behavioural boundaries to ensure the health, safety or wellbeing of other students, staff members or Church members, or to protect the reputation of Hillsong Church or the College
  • Mentoring or coaching by their tutor or another pastor or church leader
  • Changing tutorials, classes, accommodation or campuses
  • Referral to an external support agency or professional
  • A combination of the above

The Behavioural Intervention program will be documented. Copies will be signed by the student, the tutorial leader, and campus manager. A copy will be given to the student and also placed in the student’s file. By signing the form, the student agrees to abide by the conditions. Failure to comply could lead to the student being withdrawn from College, and international students being reported to DIBP resulting in their visa being cancelled, depending on the outcome of any appeals process.

The program will be reviewed monthly by the tutorial leader unless more frequent review is deemed necessary during the consultation process.

Students whose behaviour is considered to endanger the wellbeing of other students on the campus will be referred to the Principal and may be suspended from study and asked to leave College premises and/or College housing until the matter is resolved. In extreme cases e.g. criminal activity, the Principal may immediately terminate the students’ enrolment without the implementation of an intervention program.

If the student believes that the Behavioural Intervention program is inappropriate or a breach of access and equity, they may appeal the decision within 20 days using the Complaints and Appeals process.

Failure to Comply and Withdrawal from College

When a student fails to meet the requirements of their Behavioural Intervention program, a process to withdraw them from the course will be instituted. This will include, after consultation between their tutorial leader, the Campus Manager, Principal, and the Registrar.

The student will be advised in writing by the Registrar that they are being withdrawn from the course using the standard Notification of Pending Breach letter (International or Domestic students). They will have 20 working days to appeal the decision using the College’s Complaints and Appeals process.

The student will be withdrawn from College immediately in cases where the student:

  • has chosen not to access the Complaints and Appeals processes within the 20 working day period,
  • withdraws from the process, or
  • the process is completed and results in a decision that the student’s appeal was unsuccessful.

For international students studying in Australia, this will include reporting to DIBP via PRISMS by the Admissions Coordinator as soon as possible. This will mean that the international student’s visa will be revoked.