Submission of Assessment

Completed assessments are to be submitted electronically via the Student Portal (See Section 2 for instructions).

Due Dates

Vocational Students

Each assessment has a Due Date. These are spread progressively throughout the semester to even out your assessment load, and to follow the content of your subjects. Completed assessments must be submitted by these due dates, otherwise a Late Assessment Fee will be charged for vocational students. Incomplete assessments will also be charged a fee if the complete assessment is not uploaded by the due date. Please see the Fee schedule for these dates.

Late Submissions

If you submit a completed assessment for the first time after its Due Date, you will need to pay a Late Assessment Fee.  The fee will need to be paid on the Student Portal.


Assessments are marked either Competent or Not Yet Competent. You are marked Not Yet Competent (NYC) if you have not yet shown knowledge or ability in one or more area of that assessment. If you are marked NYC you are able to resubmit an amended assessment in an attempt to successfully meet the requirements. This resubmission should be in the same format that you submitted the original assessment, including any exams, performances or presentations. A fee will not apply for any resubmissions completed before the Academic Deadline (see below). Resubmissions after the Academic Deadline attract a fee.

In preparing your resubmission you should closely follow the feedback the marker gave you on your initial assessment. You should also consult with your tutorial leader or trainer if you need further clarification or assistance.

Each NYC result has one semester where resubmission is allowable. After this time it would be necessary to re-enrol in the unit/subject to complete the unit/subject in its entirety.

Note: Students must gain competency in all failed subject prior to enrolling into a new award.

Academic Deadline

An Academic Deadline is set at the end of the semester for each subject.  This date indicates to students when their assessments must be finalised (ie. all submissions and resubmissions completed and the assessment receiving a C (Competent)). The Academic Deadline is locked into the college database and cannot be changed. Once the Academic Deadline has passed, results cannot be changed until they are published and further resubmissions are complete.

Release of Results

After the Academic Deadline all assessments submitted prior to this date will be marked. The Registrar will check and publish results.  This will include emailing students their results and/or making results available on the portal.

Electronic Submissions

If submitted as an e-copy, complete the assessment details as listed on the portal.

When you upload your assessment to the portal, please submit them in the following format only – Microsoft Word version 2003.  Earlier versions of Microsoft Word are also acceptable.

Please do not use the following formats when submitting assessments:

  • Microsoft 2007 (which comes with Windows Vista)
  • Open office [odt]
  • Microsoft Works [wps] or
  • Corel Word Perfect [wpd]

These formats are not common and cannot be opened on all computers.

Note: Please label the filename of your electronic assessment with your Surname, followed by title of assessment. i.e.  [Murphy.Propheticliteratureessay]

If your assessment is uploaded successfully, a confirmation number will appear immediately on your screen. Take note of this confirmation number as evidence of your assessment upload or submission.

Challenges with the Portal

If you have any queries or challenges logging onto the Portal, please email from your student email address a short description of the problem (and a screenshot where possible) to ; so the team can assist you further. You can also email your Tutorial Leader for assistance.

Password Changes

Once you have logged in, you can change your password to something you will remember easily. To do this click on the ‘Security’ menu button, then select ‘Change Password’ and follow the prompts.

Assessment Difficulties

If you are having difficulties with your assessments, make an appointment to speak to your ‘Core Tutorial Leader’. They will then be able to assist you to find your way forward in your situation. Alternatively you can book a tome with our Academic Support Team via the study skills page on the portal.


It is important that students are aware of the copyright policies for printed material and music. Unauthorised copies of a work are unlawful. Students should apply the following:

  1. Copying Written Text – only 10% of any written work may be photocopied and then only for the purposes of study or research.
  2. Copying Written Music – a copy of music can only be made when an original is already purchased or is owned by the performer or teacher.  The actual copy must be marked with:
  • the word ‘copy’
  • the respective Copyright License Number
  • the name of whom owns the original
  • the purpose the copy is to be used for

Performed Music – the same as for copying written music, with the addition that Performing is deemed to be copying. Acknowledgement on the performance program of the Composer and Publisher/License holder is essential. After use, all copies are to be destroyed.

In all other situations, appropriate copyright law must be adhered to. All copies remain the property of the licensee.


A student may apply for an extension to the submission date of an assessment. Requests for extension shall be made at least two days before the Due Date (or the Academic Deadline for resubmissions), and must demonstrate exceptional circumstances that warrant the granting of an extension (For example, significant trauma, extended sickness, death in the family, NOT poor time management, computer malfunction and the like). Where sickness is involved, a medical certificate should be attached to the extension form.

To apply for an extension, obtain a Request for Special Consideration form the Student login section of the Student Portal, attach the relevant cover sheet(s) to the application form, and hand into the relevant Tutorial leader. If approved by the relevant staff member (see form), the signed cover sheet will then be forwarded to the Campus Manager to sign off and grant the extension on the college portal.

NYC Assessment and Resubmission

Not Yet Competent assessments can be resubmitted free of charge in the period up until Academic Deadline.

After results are published, students have two weeks to resubmit assessments that are Not Yet Competent and will be required to pay the initial Late Resubmission Fee per assessment.  This is at the price of $75 per assessment. Any assessments resubmitted after this two-week period will be required to pay 2 week Late Resubmission Fee.  This will cost students $150 per assessment. [this is to cover the cost of the administrative process involved in processing assessments from past semesters]

Where students encounter financial difficulty resubmitting assessments, a delay in payment may only be approved by the . In such cases, the required fees will be added to the student’s account. Overdue fees will then be processed according to standard procedures.

Step 1:  Student is required to pay their resubmission fee at College Office at time of submission.

Step 2:  Student must attach a Resubmission Cover Sheet to the assessment being resubmitted.

Step 3: The invoice provided to the student must contain subject and assessment details.

Current students can re-submit at any time and as many times as is required.

If a student has left the college without graduating, they continue to be considered a ‘current’ student for the purpose of resubmitting for ONLY one semester.  After this period students must: contact the College Registrar Team.

The College is under no obligation to allow students to complete the course if the course they ‘were’ enrolled in, is no longer offered by the College.

Academic Misconduct

The College regards academic misconduct as a serious matter, insisting that students maintain the highest possible standards of academic honesty. Failure to maintain academic honesty constitutes academic misconduct. Academic misconduct may include any of the following:

  • Taking unauthorised materials into an examination
  • Improperly obtaining knowledge of an examination paper and using that knowledge in the examination
  • Arranging for another person to sit an examination in the place of the candidate
  • Submitting work for an assessment knowing it to be the work of another person
  • Submitting a falsified medical certificate
  • Making a false or misleading declaration
  • Plagiarism
  • Collusion


Students are required to acknowledge the source of their ideas used in their written work by use of adequate referencing, as outlined in the Referencing section of this handbook. To provide adequate documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty, but also a courtesy enabling the marker to consult sources with ease. Failure to do so may constitute plagiarism that is subject to a charge of academic misconduct.

Plagiarism occurs when a student submits the work of another person or persons with the intention of having it assessed or accepted as her/his own work. For example:

  • An assessment is copied almost entirely from another source such as a published article, text, internet source or another student’s assessment or when an assessment is constructed of segments drawn from one or a number of sources without attribution, linked by comments produced by the student.
  • Failure to acknowledge indebtedness to books, articles and other sources such as the Internet. Students should make it clear by appropriate referencing when they are using a direct quotation or another idea/argument from another work.


Collusion involves the submission of separate assessments by individual students where the work is almost identical or mostly the work of one of them. Collusion does not apply to an assessment in which students have been allowed to work in groups to submit a single assessment. In some subjects students may collaborate on a project, sharing materials or data collected and discussing the interpretation of such material. If the work is individually submitted, collaboration should be acknowledged and the formulation of ideas and conclusions in the paper must be the independent work of each student.

In cases of academic misconduct, students will be required to resubmit the assessment task and charged an incomplete assessment fee. Repeated behaviour will result in disciplinary policies being enforced.

Assessment Appeals

If a student feels that the result of a specific assessment is unfair, they are able to appeal to the College to request a re-assessment. All other complaints/appeals should be handled using the Complaints and Appeals process.

  1. If a student wishes to obtain clarification about a result for an item of assessment, the matter should be raised with the relevant trainer of that subject unit within 10 working days of receiving the results. A discussion will be within the context of the assessment requirements as set out in the syllabus.
  2. Where the trainer is not available, the student can raise the issue with the Head Trainer of their stream.
  3. If the outcome of the discussion with the trainer was not acceptable to the student, the student can submit a request to the Campus Manager using the Assessment Appeals Form. This form is available on your portal. The student has the option of being accompanied/assisted at any meetings by a support person chosen by them.
  4. If the student chooses to access the registered provider’s appeals processes HC must maintain the student’s enrolment while the appeals process is ongoing.
  5. The Campus Manager will arrange for two assessors to reassess the work. This process will commence within 10 working days.
  6. If the internal or any external appeal process results in a decision that supports the student, HC must immediately implement any decision and/or corrective and preventative action required and advise the student of the outcome.
  7. The majority decision of the trainer and independent assessors will be reported in writing to the student.
  8. If the student doesn’t accept the result of the reassessment he/she will be given the opportunity to submit a formal complaint using the complaints process.
  9. At any stage throughout this process, the student may request that their assessment appeal is assessed by an external assessor. Any costs incurred in this process will be passed on to the student.

The availability of complaints and appeals processes does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws”.

This policy applies only to VET students. Details for HE students is available via the Alphacrucis College website.