Enrolment Procedures

Official enrolment for a course is required prior to students commencing classes. Enrolment occurs at set dates prior to the beginning of term. Where students are unable to attend enrolment, a late enrolment fee of $250 will apply. The late enrolment fee is open to discussions in compelling circumstances.

Current students are required to enrol on the Student Portal, along with the required enrolment payment.

DIBP will be notified via PRISMS by the International Student Contact Officer when a student commences their course.

As part of the new student orientation program, we spend a few days with our new intake sharing information that will help students maximise their college experience. Orientation has some more formal aspects that would include, Evaluations for Creative Stream students and our Working With Children Checks (WWCC). The WWCC has a two-step process; a questionnaire for the NSW govt & a questionnaire completed with the Pastoral staff of Hillsong Church. The results of these two questionnaires combined give the student the competencies to work with young people (Under 18s). One of these documents meets legislative requirements for the Royal Commission & the other meets the requirements of Hillsong Church Ltd policies.

Changes to Enrolment

A student may request a change to their enrolment up until the Friday of Week 3 of each semester (“Enrolment Variation Deadline”). Students wanting to request a change to their course, subject or study load after Enrolment should complete a ‘Change to Enrolment’ form available from the Student Portal and return to the College Office for the Registrar’s approval. No changes can be made beyond the Enrolment Variation Deadline. Students are not allowed any changes to their enrolment without the Registrar’s approval.

For international students, changes to courses or study load will be reported to DIBP via PRISMS by the International Student Contact Officer.

When completing the Change to Enrolment form, you will need to outline to the Registrar the reasons for your request. Your request will be evaluated and you will be advised whether your request is possible.

Please consider the following issues when changing streams:-

  • Changing your stream may extend the length of your course as you will need to complete all subjects in your new stream. If you are an international student, this will impact on your visa. You will need to consult with the Department of Immigration to extend your visa. This may involve a fee to you.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to acquire skills in the incomplete subjects in your new stream through a process of private study or enrolment in another equivalent course and then apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. This application involves an initial cost of $175 per application plus an additional fee of $50 per hour if any other processing is required.

Please also note that any changes to your enrolment may result in an increase in your course fees. Any increase or refund in course fees will be prorated according to when the Change of Enrolment was approved. No refunds will be given after the Enrolment Variation Deadline.

Stream changes are generally not recommended. To seek further clarification in this area, students will need to make an appointment with the Registrar

Withdrawal and Deferral from Study

Students intending to cease studies prior to the end of their course for any reason should complete a ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ form available from the Student Portal (under “General Information”). Students need to meet with their Tutorial Leader as part of the process.

The cancellation will be effective when the notice has been signed & dated by all relevant parties and handed into the College Reception. Any refunds will be calculated from that date and in accordance with our refund policy (refer Refund Policy). Any outstanding fees or charges will be deducted from the potential refund prior to the processing of the withdrawal.

If a student has withdrawn for a period longer than 6 months (or one semester), the student will need to supply a new pastoral reference form and testimony of Christian life and church involvement to HC.

International students are only permitted to defer commencement or suspend studies of a course on grounds of illness (as evidenced by a doctor’s certificate) or other exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the control of the student, (e.g. bereavement) as approved by the Academic Team. Students will need to complete a (Deferral Form) which is available upon request to the College Registrar. Any approved deferral or suspension of studies on any other grounds will be reported to DIBP via PRISMS within 14 days.

Where a student with a current visa fails to attend classes by the end of enrolment period of each semester they are enrolled in (as per checks between PRISMS and Collegeworx), their absence will serve as notification of cessation of studies.

Students who are unable to enrol due to fees (as stipulated in the Fee Policy) will not be able to attend classes until enrolment has been finalised. Where enrolment has not been finalised by the end of enrolment period the cessation of studies will be initiated.

Termination of Enrolment

Termination of the student’s course of study will occur, unless otherwise determined by the Executive Team, in line with the Course Progress, Attendance, and Student Behaviour Policies.

In such cases, students will first be notified in writing by the Registrar via email using the Notification of Pending Breach form. The reasons for a warning will be outlined, plus actions required to readdress the situation and potential consequences if not followed.

In cases of termination for unsatisfactory performance, students are first notified by the Registrar using the  “Notice under Section 20 of the ESOS ACT 2000” letter, which informs them of the particulars of the breach and the action required by the student. Following this, termination of the student’s visa will commence.

This policy applies only to VET students. Details for HE students is available via the Alphacrucis College website.