Course Requirements & Progress

Course Requirements

In order to successfully complete a given award, students are required to:

  1. Achieve competency in all learning outcomes in all subjects listed, including core and stream.
  2. Comply with the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Participate in all aspects of the College program.

Students who fulfil course requirements will be issued with a Certificate and Transcript. Students who fulfil partial requirements will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.

In order to successfully progress from one award to another, students are required to meet the above requirements for their prior award before being granted admission into their next award. If a student has outstanding subjects from their prior award the following avenues are open to them:

  1. Successfully resubmit the relevant assessments to achieve competence (and pay any applicable fees);
  2. Agree to participate in the Course Intervention Strategy (see below).

Course Progress

Intent and Overview

The College’s goal is to train and support all students so that all students can meet the requirements of their course. Some students will need focused or individualised support to meet their course requirements. To identify such students, course progress is monitored regularly and support is offered to students who are not progressing satisfactorily. Our approach to course progress is also used to identify students who may not be giving their studies the appropriate focus. This is especially the case for international students, where making satisfactory course progress is a requirement of their visa, and failure to do so may lead to their being reported to DIBP.

All students are required to maintain an acceptable standard of course progress to pass their course. Students are deemed to be performing at an unsatisfactory level when they fail to submit 50% or more of their assessments or have received marks of “Not Yet Competent” in 50% or more of their subjects. Furthermore, students who receive “NYC” in between 33% to 49% of their assessments or subjects are considered to be at risk of unsatisfactory course progress.

Note: Students must also meet the requirements of HILC’s Attendance and Behavioural policies to maintain their place in their course.

When a student has received marks of “Not Yet Competent” in  50% or more of their assessment or subjects, the Progression Monitoring Strategy will be implemented.

Course Progress and Student Support Table

Scheduled Monitoring of Student ProgressMeasurement for requirement of Student SupportActions
Point 1Two-thirds of the way through semester of study. (approximately 10 weeks)Submission for all assessments due in that semester, up to that point.If failed to submit 50% or more assessments due by that point, student is enrolled into Student Support.
Point 2After the beginning of each semester.Results for all subjects from previous semester.If failed 50% or more subjects – student receives written notification and is enrolled into Student Support.
Point 3Two –thirds of the way through their second semester of study. (approximately 10 weeks)Submission and results for all assessments due in that semester, up to that point.If in Student Support from Point 1 and/or 2 and not submitted 50% or more of 2nd semester’s assessments – the student will receive correspondence from the Registrar’s office regarding their academic position.
At the beginning of a new award enrolment.Results for all subjects from previous award.If not in Student Support, and student fails 50% of more of the semester’s subjects- if wanting to proceed to next award, entrance requires successful re-submission of all failed assessments.

This policy applies only to VET students. Details for HE students is available via the Alphacrucis College website.