Staff Recruitment

Recruitment of Staff and Trainers

Recruitment of both academic and support staff is primarily achieved through the personal and professional networks of existing personnel, as well as recommendations from the Executive and Academic Teams, rather than through a formal advertising process. This has proven to be the most efficient and reliable means of sourcing candidates who meet our given selection criteria. The applications of other submitted resumes are also considered, and if appropriate interviews are conducted.

All new staff are to be recruited in accordance with the Hillsong Church recruitment process (Ref: Staff Manual). In addition, trainers must be approved by the College Executive Team.

Selection criteria include:

  1. Recognised quality of character and Christian lifestyle. All potential staff must be recognised within the Assemblies of God fellowship (or other acceptable Pentecostal /Christian denominations) as being people of mature Christian character, moral integrity and strong commitment to Scripture and to the local church. They must adhere to the key tenets of the Hillsong Statement of Faith. This is established through consultation with referees and the interviewing process with the candidate.
  2. Agreement with mission and ethos. Candidates need to be able to commit to the HC Vision statement and Educational Philosophy. This is established through consultation with referees and the candidate.

Training Staff only:

  1. Trainers must have the appropriate qualification or be able to demonstrate equivalency for the area, position and level of the subjects for which they are considered, in accordance with accreditation requirements of the given course(s). Evidence may include Curriculum Vitae, transcripts and job descriptions. Transcripts will be verified.
  2. Industry Experience. Candidates are required to have a proven track record of success in leadership and ministry in a local church and in the wider Assemblies of God fellowship (or other acceptable Pentecostal /Christian ministries). Both permanent and external candidates are expected to be committed to lay or formal ministry within the local church. This provides credibility with students that allow the modelling of appropriate attitudes, skills and practices and ensures the ongoing relevance of training for contemporary church ministry. Ministry experience is established via curriculum vitaes and referees.
  3. Industry /Professional Recognition. As a statutorily defined religious institution, any prospective employee must meet specific denominational requirements before they can be employed by the College. Candidates must be recognised by the Assemblies of God fellowship (or other acceptable Pentecostal /Christian ministries) for their gifting and calling.

Appointment Procedure

  1. Appointments are processed by the People & Development Team as per Hillsong Church procedure
  2. Each newly appointed staff member receives a job description signed by the employee and assigned supervisor.
  3. All newly appointed staff members, including permanent and contract staff, will undergo a Staff Induction process (Ref: Staff Induction Checklist).
  4. All newly appointed staff members will undergo a Working With Children’s Check through Service NSW.

Working with Minors

During the appointment process, a Working With Children Check must be carried out. Please see section Working With Children in this manual.