Organisational Structure

Organisation Structure

The Organisation Structure shows the governance and authority lines for all staff.

College Executive Team

The Executive Team meets on a monthly basis and consists of the following personnel:

  • Executive Vice President – Chair
  • General Manager
  • Executive Deans
  • Academic Dean
  • Student Dean

• Decision-making on final policies
• Vision and strategic planning
• Issues arising from the Academic and Campus Team meetings

Academic Team

The Academic Team consists of:

  • Academic Dean (Chair)
  • Course Implementation Manager
  • Head of Student Services
  • Quality + Purpose

Management of the delivery and assessment of accredited courses according to course documentation, CRICOS and NVR standards and to meet the vocational training outcomes and holistic needs of students
• Monitor progress and development of courses
• Monitor student academic progress

Staff Meetings

These occur monthly and act as a forum for communication of policies and procedures, general operations across the College and reinforcement of culture and ethos. Vision and direction from the Executive Vice President is also given. Attendance is required by all staff – City campus staff by link as a minimum.

Trainers Meetings

Trainers meetings are chaired by the Campus Dean. All campus-based staff are required to attend.

• Pastoral care and follow up of students
• Discussion, implementation and review of all campus operations including such matters as venue, program needs, etc.