Staff Competencies

Competency of RTO Trainers and Assessors

It is the responsibility of the Academic Dean in conjunction with the Executive Deans to ensure that trainers and assessors are suitably qualified to meet AQF requirements for the courses in which they teach.

All prospective trainers and assessors whether permanent staff or contract, are required to produce a Curriculum Vitae showing current industry experience and vocational competency in the area they will be training/assessing as well as academic transcripts including the Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40116) or equivalent.

Trainers will not be engaged until they have produced sufficient evidence of their qualifications as a condition of their contract.

Supervision Arrangements

Where trainers do not have the current full Cert. IV TAE training qualification, they must hold a minimum Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set (TAESS00014) and will be supervised by a qualified trainer who will provide regular guidance, support and direction. For classroom based training this will include reviewing the lesson plans prior to delivery and following up on classroom progress on a weekly basis. This will be documented on CollegeWorx. All training is delivered by trainers who can demonstrate vocational competency and industry experience at least to the level being assessed and must hold the minimum Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set.

For subjects delivered in a workplace environment, a training plan will be developed with the Practicum Team, Specialist and the student. The Practicum Team will be in contact with the Specialist a minimum of every four weeks in order to direct and monitor training and ensure learning outcomes are suitably met. Contact will also be regularly made with students, both directly with the Practicum Team and in their weekly tutorials for subjects with a practicum component, to monitor the progress of their training and their completion of assessments. Monitoring and review of these processes takes place at each student intake.


Assessment is always undertaken by either individuals who are fully qualified or by a person with appropriate vocational skills teamed with a person with the training and assessment competencies as required by the National Quality Council.