Expectation of Students

Dating and Relationships

While attending College, the primary purpose of students should be to successfully prepare for ministry and leadership. This will only be achieved by focusing on this goal. Hence our general preference is that students do not date while studying at College.

While it is possible that some students may find their life partner while at College, dating is not permitted between full-time college students until after the first semester of study. After this time, dating between full-time college students is permissible only with the consent of the Principal or Tutorial Leader. If a relationship between students ends, there is to be a 3-month period before entering a new one.

Any commencement of a relationship between a full-time student and a non-college person, within the year of study, should be prayerfully considered and it is required that students speak to their Tutorial Leader first.


Students must abstain from alcohol for the duration of their studies at Hillsong College.


Smoking and or the consumption of any illegal substances is not permitted.

Kitchen Facilities

  • City Campus – The kitchen beside the second auditorium is for student use. Students will be appointed to clean it on a DAILY basis. All other kitchens in the building are for staff use only.
  • Hills Campus – The kitchen outside the library in of the Convention Centre and select kitchenettes in Epicentre are available for student use during class breaks.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure this is left clean.  All other kitchens in the building are for staff use only.
  • Phoenix Campus – The kitchen on the basement level is available for student use. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure it is left clean. All other kitchenettes on property are for staff use only.

Living Arrangements

Students’ behaviour in their home environment is to reflect the Christian character and philosophy of the College. Any students found to be acting contrary to this will be spoken to per the disciplinary procedures outlined in this handbook.

Marital Status

Any student wishing to change their marital status (engagement, marriage, divorce, separation, etc.) for any reason while enrolled at College, are required to speak to the Principal immediately.

Furthermore, experience has shown us that students who get engaged while at College find it difficult to complete their course. Therefore we require that students wanting to get engaged while enrolled in College must discuss their plans first with the Principal.

Nation Builders

At College, we are fully committed to the Great Commission and working towards its fulfilment. Hillsong Church has a very strong outreach commitment through Hillsong City Care, Teen Challenge, Hillsong TV, and church plants in over 50 countries. The College plays an integral part in Nation Builders giving, and we take a weekly offering towards these programs. As College students, be prepared to sow not only into the outreach endeavours of Hillsong Church but into the very heartbeat of God – “that none should perish.”

Personal Prayer and Devotions

As a student committed to training for ministry, you should establish a daily time of prayer and Bible reading. This is a vital part of your spiritual development and preparation for ministry and should be a time you set apart from the rest of your day, for just you and God. Do not confuse it with times set apart for meetings, study or other church-related activities as these things will not provide the same foundation for your life as your relationship with God.


No pets are allowed on the College property or in student houses.


No student is permitted to use an office phone for personal calls.  All mobile phones are to be turned off during all classes.

Practice Facilities

Keyboards, pianos, and drum kits are available for student practice. Rooms can be booked via our College reception at both the Hills and City Campus.

Recording Classes

In general, recording (audio or video) of classes is not permitted. However, under special circumstances, by prior approval from the Principal/lecturer or Tutorial Leader, recording may be permitted, but then only for personal use, and not for distribution to other persons.


Taking up of donations, personal or work-related fund-raising, or selling of merchandise is not permitted in the environment of Hillsong College/Church.

Study and Homework

Every student is expected to study or complete homework regularly. Each subject will have its own recommended reading list that we strongly encourage you to explore and take advantage of. Students are expected to add to their classwork with their extended reading program. Let College be an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding in new and exciting areas. The library staff and trainers are there to assist each student to fulfil this vision and to direct their reading. Internet access is also available for further research.


Students wanting friends and relatives to attend a class MUST FIRST obtain permission from the relevant Campus Manager before inviting them to attend a lecture. Once permission is obtained, students are to introduce their guests to lecturers.