Student’s Rights & Treatment

Students’ Rights and Treatment

The College is committed to protecting the rights and treatment of students. The College policy relating to managing students is outlined in the Staff Code of Conduct. All faculty and support staff are required to treat all students fairly, consistently and without discrimination.

Students are expected to adhere to the certain behavioural standards as outlined in the Student Handbook. In cases where standards are contravened, the Disciplinary Policies apply to ensure consistency and fairness in the carrying out of discipline. Students are also given opportunity to voice their complaints and concerns according to the Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Students are informed of relevant policies, rights and responsibilities through the College Prospectus, the Application Acceptance Pack and the Student Handbook. Students are kept aware of updates on these policies through the orientation programs, the Head Students and student information sheets.

Code of Practice

All faculty and staff members received a copy of the Code of Practice, at the beginning of their employment and sign a form that acknowledges they have read and understood its requirements. All staff are required to be conversant with the Code so that they are able to apply it and refer to it with the students as necessary.

The Code of Practice is located in the Student Handbook for all students to access. The Student Handbook is available to all students online and referred to during the Orientation process The Code of Practice is specifically referred to in the Orientation sessions conducted by faculty.