It is important that all personnel are aware of the copyright policies for printed material and music. Unauthorised copies of a work are unlawful. In the classroom setting, the following applies:

Copying Written Text – only 10% of any written work may be photocopied and then only for the purposes of study or research.

Copying Written Music – a copy of music can only be made when an original is already purchased or is owned by the performer or teacher. The actual copy must be marked with the:

  • word  ‘copy’
  • respective Copyright License Number
  • name of whom owns the original
  • purpose the copy is to be used for

Performed Music – the same as for copying written music, with the addition that Performing is deemed to be copying. Acknowledgement on the performance program of Composer and Publisher/License holder is essential. After use, all copies are to be destroyed.

In all other situations, appropriate copyright law must be adhered to.

All copies remain the property of the licensee.