Code of Practice

Code of Practice

The College Code of Practice covers general principles for operations and management of the College. The Code of Practice is for all staff – academic, support and external staff – as well as students and therefore contains generic information pertinent to all. It is adapted from the Code of Practice in the ‘Provision of International Education and Training Services’ by the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs. Appropriate changes are made to the Code of Practice, on a regular basis as a result of recommendations by the various review processes the College conducts.


Implementation Processes

To ensure that staff and students are conversant with the Code of Practice:

The Code of Practice is distributed to all new staff members as part of the interview and employment process. The Code of Practice is contained in the Staff Code of Conduct and the Trainers and Lecturers Handbook.

All staff sign a statement that they have read and understood the Code of Practice and the contents therein before commencing their appointment.

During ‘Trainers and Lecturers Orientation’ at the beginning of the academic year, the information contained in the Code of Practice is disseminated and explained. Staff members are reminded to refer to the material contained within it regularly.


Redressing Breaches

If a Staff member is shown to have breached the Code of Practice or the Staff Code of Conduct in any way, the following process applies:

In minor matters of breaches by a staff member, the staff member will receive a warning by the Principal.

If the breaches continue then disciplinary action is taken by the Principal. After this, referral is made to the Executive Vice- President for further disciplinary action or possible dismissal.

In major cases of breaches made by the staff member, the staff member is interviewed by Executive Vice-President, and the appropriate action is decided, whether to take disciplinary action or dismissal. This would be governed by the nature of the breach.