Assessment Tasks

Students are required to complete assessment tasks in order to fulfil the requirements of the course. The assessment task(s) for each subject are outlined in the syllabus for each subject and available on the Student Portal on the College website.

Assessment tasks are more than earning a grade. They are designed to provide the student with a learning experience that extends and enhances work in class. They are given specifically to:

  • Extend studies to cover material beyond that which can be covered in class.
  • Broaden understanding of the material covered in class.
  • Develop research skills necessary in preparation for ministry.
  • Assist in understanding and fulfilling the subject outcomes and aims.
  • Ensure that learning outcomes and competencies are met.
  • Allow the development of practical applications of theoretical work done in class.

Assessment tasks may be in the form of:

  • Assessments: Generally a well-structured short written composition or essay that deals with a single topic and expresses an aspect of research from written material & field casework.  The application is then directed towards a suggested problem/question.
  • Book Reports: Requiring a book to be read or a section thereof, that is immediately associated with your subject. Opinions are not valid during the report, only a summary of what you consider to be the main or related points. You may express an opinion in your opening and concluding remarks only.
  • Debates: There may be two (or more) teams organized from within the class to research a set topic and debate opposing sides of that topic.
  • Examinations: Usually set at the end of the semester, they will cover information indicated by the trainer, to enable you to recall/ revise the content of a subject.
  • Performances: Students participating in Worship Music performance subjects will be required to either perform in the Performance Major Day event or provide evidence of contribution to creative arts ministry in a specified semester.
  • Presentations: The student(s) researches a subject and prepares a talk, demonstration, discussion or sermon to present to the class. The aim of such assessments is to give the student an opportunity to further research a topic and provide an avenue for them to outwork their findings for the benefit of the entire class.
  • Report: A statement or record of an investigation or assigned task that may or may not require research.
  • Directed work: As defined by respective trainers.